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This website offers resources to help you take part in the worship life of the Church at home or wherever you are.

(Originally hosted on enablingmusic.com, these resources have now been moved to their own website.)

It’s been a long time since the world first experienced SARS-CoV-2. For many, many months, we’ve been in lockdown or faced other restrictions. And this has prevented us from getting to church to take part in the daily liturgy.

Even now, with restrictions being eased, some still feel unable yet to go to church as frequently as before, so we continue to explore ways in which you can still participate with your local community, despite being physically separated from it.

You will know people who are affected by the Coronavirus.
Continue to hold them in your heart and mind.

And let’s pray for each other.

Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, France

Praying at Home Today: Wednesday 18 May 2022

We will not take what is not ours

Praying at Home Today: Tuesday 17 May 2022

For those grieving the loss of one they love

Praying at Home Today: Monday 16 May 2022

Working for unity amongst all people

Praying at Home Today: Saturday 14 May 2022

That we may be people of integrity,
always on the search for who we are and what we can be

Praying at Home Today: Friday 13 May 2022

In the depth of the night, light is revealed

Praying at Home Today: Thursday 12 May 2022

Taste and see that the Lord is good

Praying at Home Today: Wednesday 11 May 2022

God’s loving-kindness endures for ever

Praying at Home Today: Tuesday 10 May 2022

Anywhere there is injustice, God cries out in the voice of the poor

Praying at Home Today: Saturday 7 May 2022

God’s overflowing love for us

Praying at Home Today: Friday 6 May 2022

God’s eternal presence, with us and for us

Praying at Home Today: Thursday 5 May 2022

I will give you a new heart

Praying at Home Today: Wednesday 4 May 2022

Here I am, send me!


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